May 19, 2018

I am not sure which flies faster
This hummingbird or my thoughts
Both fly forwards, backwards, and
Hover in one spot for a lifetime.

Pondering, the hummingbird sat in
His watchtower as I walked down
The road to the only stop sign I obey.
It is not raining though everything knows.

He sits vigilantly on the flagpole
Between two distant sweet spots.
I remember walking the road before
A drunk driver then the plow moved

The mailbox permanently away.
He sees and dive-bombs all other he’s and she’s
That hope to drink from the free flowing nectar
While the long line of Indras take a sip.

I want to plant flowers here so
I can plant a sign to open all eyes.
Territorial, he chases everyone away, though
He evolved in the Andes to spread life.

Even sitting still he flies around the world

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