May 5, 2018

I have heard that
People age slower
If they live around
Sea level and
People age faster
If they live at
High altitudes.

I don’t know

I have sat on a
Beach watching
The waves come in
One after another.
In my eyes, sometimes
There appears to be a
Brief delay between
Waves, sometimes they
Fall over each other.

Sand feels cool early
In the morning, but
When I dig my
Feet deep into the sand
I find stored warmth.
Later, in the hot
Afternoon sun the
Same act of digging
Finds saved coolness.

Maybe General Relativity
Can explain, but
I don’t know

I live in the mountains
And often walk in the
Woods. I have found
Patches of snow well
Into the month of May
Protected by the
Terrain and forest.

I have noticed the
Maple buds appear
Later up here then the
Valley, though the leaves
Seem just as green and
Inclined to offer shade.

I don’t know, but
When I watch the
Waves and the leaves
Cycle through life,
Time seems to move
At the same pace.

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