Practice Groups

Boundless Way Zen Practice Groups and Locations

Boundless Way Zen has a number of locations in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and international groups for participation in Zen practice. Anyone is welcome to attend the Zen practice periods offered at each location. There are no special requirements and no cost for daily practice, although donations are gratefully accepted. Boundless Way Zen practice periods typically last about an hour and include chanting from our Zen liturgy, sitting meditation (zazen), and walking meditation (kinhin). Dharma talks and discussion are also scheduled periodically as are private interviews (dokusan) with a teacher.

Local practice groups, such as Snow Mountain Zen, are formally sanctioned to offer Boundless Way Zen practice to individuals in their area. They typically meet once or twice a week for meditation practice and offer periodic Dharma talks and dokusan. Each local practice group is supported by a resident teacher and/or practice leaders appointed by the Boundless Way Zen Guiding Teachers Council.

Boundless Way Zen affiliates includes separately incorporated Zen centers and a number of local practice groups. Boundless Way Temple/Worcester Zen Center (BoWT) is an independent, membership organization. BoWT incorporated as a non-profit religious organization that is formally affiliated with Boundless Way Zen. BoWT offers a comprehensive weekly schedule of practice periods, lectures, and other opportunities for study, as well as meditation retreats (sesshin) and various opportunities for extended practice. Boundless Way Temple is lead by an Abbot appointed by the Boundless Way Zen Guiding Teachers Council.

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