Practice Periods

Practice Periods
Saturday mornings 7-8am

People of all experience levels and walks of life are welcome to come to the SMZ for any of our practice periods. You do not have to be a member to participate in our programs.

Together at a safe distance and still very much TOGETHER
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Overview of Practice Periods
Brief Welcome
25-Minute Practice Period
10 minutes of chanting (chant books are provided)
     15 minutes of zazen (sitting meditation)
5-Minute Kinhin (walking meditation) Period
25-Minute Zazen Period*
5-Minute Final Chant and Announcements
Goodbyes and Friendly Interactions

*Dharma Talk and Dialogue will be offered the last Saturday of the month. The dharma talk and dialogue will be held during the second 25-minute practice period.

What to wear
It’s recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Anything that’s too restrictive could become uncomfortable or distracting to you. Please also keep in mind the other people who will be sitting with you, and avoid wearing anything that could be overly distracting to them, as well (including strong fragrances). In cooler weather, a light sweater or similar garment could be helpful if the zendo is chilly.

When you arrive
Please try to arrive early (around 10 minutes) before the start of the meditation period, so that you can pick a zafu (meditation cushion) or chair and settle in before the practice period begins. If you are new to Zen, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to your first practice so that the practice leader can explain basic forms and answer any questions you may have before we go into silence.


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