September 19, 2020

Mid September frost warning
Action required in the vegetable garden
Basil picked and cleaned
Leaves stripped from stalks
Cup after cup into the Cuisinart
With garlic, pine nuts, pecorino, and olive oil
Remembered the forgotten salt
Tasted green, added a dash more
Brought in everything
Except, the can’t eat another
Eggplant and the autumn cabbage
Waiting and wanting the cold
Warnings are not guarantees
Cold by the calendar, but no ice
This morning, I ate Swiss chard seasoned
With cumin, coriander, mustard seed, and
Red wine vinegar sautéed and plated next to
Soft scrabbled eggs topped with split red cherry tomatoes
Tonight, It will be zucchini coins
Cooked in a hot Thai peanut sauce served over
Rice with chilled sliced cucumbers on the side
In the coming months,
There is a high probability of feta omelets
Topped with pesto, linguini pesto with garlic bread,
And fresh mozzarella & tomato sandwiches
With a pesto smear
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