June 23, 2018

Took down two trees this spring
One pine, the other spruce
To plant two trees this summer
Both flowering crabapples.

The doling of soil and sun
Weighed heavy in our hands,
Once the choice was made
Required actions were taken.

I hope for the crabapples
Just like I hope for the radishes,
Which need to be thinned again,
Taking form in the raised beds.

Chewing on the young greens,
With the capacity to bite back,
I smile with satisfaction on the
Future crunch in meals to be.

I am not sure how many
Students have sat before me,
I am not sure what was
Absorbed or forgotten,

I hope they forgot my name
In favor of sharing their life.
It hurts when they give up
To live as something else.

Plants grow in our garden, and
Wild flowers appear along
The roads and fallow fields
Full of white and yellow dots.

The crabapples may bloom
Next spring and in years to come,
Standing as pitch sentries on a
Base of pine and spruce.

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