April 14, 2018

Dim is trying to control change.
Pushing geese south in the fall
Only to drive them north in the spring.
If a birch or azalea bud is shucked
It will fail to reveal a leaf or flower.

Dull is denying the truth of change.
Expecting the morning tea to be
Still warm this late in the evening.
Even the most intense stare in the mirror
Will not make the young-self reappear.

How dim am I, how dull are you
As we continue to try and deny
This life of change.
I will embrace you, as you embrace me
So we can behold each other into reality.

When you laugh, I shine with you
When the baby cries, we go and sooth her
When our friend hurts, we sit and listen to him
When we are anxious, we nitpick and sigh
With each other living this life of change.

Categories Poems

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